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Category: Frequently Questions

Mac Photo Recovery - How to recover photos from my two reformatted Lacie Drives?

Customer Question: # 1

My daughter is studying commercial photography and her whole year of work is on two Lacie external drives both of which had failed and were apparently not readable so being her daft mother I reformatted both drives so that they could at least be used. This did not go down very well with the daughter, but she remained remarkably calm considering that a whole year's work had just disappeared into the ether.

So in an attempt to redeem myself a few weeks ago I purchased the above software to recover my daughter's photos from the Lacie drives.

I ran the program for hours and it appeared to be finding all the lost photos - I was so pleased. However, when I clicked the back up button to back it up onto another drive (as instructed) the computer crashed and froze. We had to switch it off and, of course, all the hours of searching by your program disappeared and your software had also disappeared.

I now have the disc in hand and wondered how to go about another attempt at recovering my daughter's work. Any advice welcome. Thank you.

Support Answer: # 2

The PHOTO RECOVERY for Mac automatically saves the data to a folder called Recovered in the user home folder. The Backup feature is to make a copy of the disk being scanned for future recovery effort or backup. It is not necessary.

Running the PHOTO RECOVERY for Mac scan and then moving the pictures off the recovered folder should be sufficient. The only problem would be in cases where the data is fragmented. PHOTOR ECOVERY for Mac will not be able to get those fragmented images.

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