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File Recovery for Mac
  • The safest way to recover any file and data in all cases.
  • Support RAW recovery.
  • Support recover data from deleted and lost partitions.
  • Support RAID recovery and can even reconstruct lost RAIDs.
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    Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Compatible with the new macOS High Sierra 10.13.
    Introducing AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac

    The world's leading file recovery software for Mac nowadays. It has successfully helped over ten thousand clients to recover their data from computer hard disk and external storage drive. no matter what kind of reason causes data loss. Meanwhile, it has been widely recognized by data recovery experts, forensic teams, and IT technicians.

    Applexsoft File Recovery for Mac does not require prior experiece, users only need to follow the steps on the friendly wizard interface. As each single step has clear and brief instructions, the complicated date recovery tasks become much easier and safer.

    In addition, as a professional file recovery application, AppleXsoft Mac File Recovery also includes several advanced tools such as RAID Reconstructor, Mail Recovery, Hex Viewer, SMART, Bad Block Diagnostics, Imaging tools, Disk Copy, and the like, in order to meet any professional needs of Mac data recovery.

    The new version of AppleXsoft File Recovery has redesigned the user interface and reconstructed recovery engine. The data recovery can be completely controlled due to flexible parameter settings. In a word, the AppleXsoft File Recovery has surpassed other competing software on the market.
    AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac Features:

    Supporting all media drives:

    AppleXsoft File Recovery scans and recovers damaged or deleted files from any type of storage drives, including all hard disk, external hard drives, and SSD. Besides, it supports various digital removable media such as SD card, CF card, CD/DVD, USB drive, etc. As long as the media drive can be recognized by Mac, data from them can be recovered.

    Recovering all file types:

    AppleXsoft Mac File Recovery recovers all file types immediately, not only the commonly used document files, image files, and music files, but also RAW photos from SLR cameras and video files from HD cameras. Currently, other software on the market can not support so many file formats as AppleXsoft File Recovery can.

    Recovering all files and data in all cases:

    Data can be lost in many ways. Such as files are mistakenly deleted, hard disk is formatted, recycle bin is emptied, hard disk is crashed or damaged, reinstalled system or storage device access error and so on. However, in spite of what kind of reasons AppleXsoft File Recovery can recover the valuable files easily.

    Supporting RAW partition recovery:

    AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac owns particular capability to rescue RAW files. It helps to recover files from RAW partition as well as other unknown file systems, save data from damaged file systems or partition tables, and even recovers data from device that has no file system such as MP3/MP4 players, data logger, and the like.

    Supporting RAID recovery:

    AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac supports both Hardware and Software RAID recovery. There are built-in reset tools. Users can choose RAID types and drive serial numbers to let the RAID reconstruction analyze data and rebuild RAID for the sake of data recovery. AppleXsoft File Recovery has compatibility with Stripe Sets RAID and Mirrored Drives. It can even reconstruct broden or lost RAID.

    Supporting E-mail recovery:

    It allows users to scan and recover deleted emails form the chosen mail database and then the e-mails can be printed out or saved to disk. AppleXsoft File Recovery supports Email Clients such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla, Becky, and Eudora.

    Supporting specific file systems and operating systems:

    AppleXsoft File Recovery runs under the Mac OS X 10.4 operating systems or higher version. And it supports all partitions using FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFS/HFS+, HFS+, HFSX , HFS Wrapper, Linux EXT2, Linux EXT3, ISO9660, and unknown file systems.

    Supporting quick-start wizard:

    For beginners and intermediate users, Mac File Recovery offers quick-start wizard which helps users get familiar with the program. As a result, users can recover files easily and become experts right away without any special skills

    Providing safe and reliable Mac data recovery:

    AppleXsoft Mac File Recovery is a non-destructive and read-only application which will not write any data into the disk. In order to protect lost or deleted files in the drive, all recoverable files will be automatically saved as other media or into another drive letter in the system. In this way the original disk remains unchanged.

    Previewing recoverable files:

    The trial version can also review recoverable pictures in a timely manner. Other data can be looked up from the built-in Hex Viewer. Text files can be checked by using Text Viewer. The recoverable pictures are shown as thumbnail forms.

    Advanced tools to assist file recovery:

    • Creating Disk Image: Cloning disk onto another image file before recovery. Coping one disk onto another one directly.
    • Disk Diagnostic tools: Analyzing and detecting broken sectors. Obtaining detailed S.M.A.R.T. analysis and drive information.
    • Wiping Data: Permanently erasing files and file holders that users do not want to keep any more.
    • Hex Viewer: Checking disk contents that are chosen using HEX editor and searching for manual data. Choosing this to view specific disk information.
    • Refreshing Disk: Refreshed disk is used to rewrite archives and varify data block.
    • Flexible Control: Users can start, stop, and pause recovery process by simpy clicking the mouse.
    • Scanning Tools: Allowing users to start filtering options – searching particular file types only. This feature accelerates scanning to a large extent, particularly when doing RAW file search. Scanning the hard drives fast and profoundly.
    • Language: Supporting multiple languages.

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