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Windows 7, 8 and Vista.
CPU: Intel Pentium II 300MHz or later
Memory: More than 512 MB Compatible Windows To operate the application, administrator privilege is required.

What's new in latest version:

Fixed problem with unbootable Vista after migration to another HDD.

Fully support Windows 8.

Securely wipe all data from source disk.

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Copy entire Hard Drive to a new HDD or SSD, Totally migrate OS & Data!

AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy

Hard Drive Copy
Price: $59.95 $49.95 USD
Feature Make exact bootable clone of your Hard Drive.
Feature One-click clone/copy entire hard disk or partitions.
Feature Migrate your boot drive to a new hard disk without re-installing Windows and software.
Feature Migrate everything in one simple drive copy operation.
Feature Makes physical 1:1 copies of hard disks or partitions.
Feature Upgrading to new disk (SSD or HDD) simple and fast.
Feature Permanently erase data from old drive.
Free Download Hard Drive Copy 12.8 MB       Buy Hard Drive Copy $49.95 USD
quote the quickest way to migrating Windows system to a new hard drive!
I just finished migrating Windows and programs from an old hard disk to a larger disk using your Disk Copy. It worked exactly as advertised. Thank you for a simple and effective solution ! quote

----- by Talia Evans on June. 21, 2014

Ready to upgrade your laptop or desktop computer to a SSD Drive? Replacing your old hard disk? or Backing up your Windows and data ?

AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy is an advanced disk migration tool to copy a hard disk or partitions and creates exact bootable clone of your hard drive with a few easy steps.

When you have a hard disk without enough free space, you can easily use this Hard Drive Copy to migrate the Windows OS, files, programs in the disk to a new hard disk which has normally larger and higher performance. As AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy migrates the original drive image to the new disk, you do not need to do the tedious process such as re-installing the OS and applications, updating them, setting up each configurations, etc.
With the Auto Expansion function, the partitions on the source disk will be expanded proportionally to the destination disk.

After the migration is complete, Hard Drive Copy also has a secure data wipe function to delete the source disk or partition completely. After the secure deletion, the data on the source will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.

As AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy reconstructs each file structure while coping data, the destination will have the same effect of de-fragmentation and performs better and more stable after the migration is complete.

AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy Main Functions & Features:

  • One Click Copy - In most cases, the destination disk is "Unallocated". In that case, you can just operate the copy by one click.
  • 3 Simple Steps to complete a disk/partition migration.
  • Disk or Partition Migration: Data copy works from Disk to Disk, from Partition to Partition, or from Partition to Disk. You can use the destination disk or partition that is smaller than the source size. *The size of the destination should be larger than the used size in the source.
  • Sector by Sector Copy - Unallocated area, Dual Boot environment, Invisible partition by Windows, etc. can be copied.
  • Partition Copy - Especially if the destination is SSD, the destination may not have enough size in the entire disk copy. In that case, you can just copy the system drive to SSD in order to use SSD as a system disk.
  • Files/Folders Copy - Files and Folders can be copied with keeping the original timestamps and attributions.
  • Copy works while Windows is running - AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy supports VSS. While Windows is running, the copy process works in the background. * The files and folders after the copy starts cannot be copied.
  • Auto Expansion - Partitions on the source disk will be expanded proportionally to the destination disk.
  • Automatically Expands partitions to fit the new hard drive.
  • Cloned SSD or Hard drive is fully defragged to ensure maximum performance.
  • All common hard drives supported including IDE, RAID, Serial ATA, SCSI, and SSD drive.
  • Permanent Data Deletion - After the migration, you can securely wipe all data in the source disk completely.
  • Detect bad sectors.
  • No special startup disks needed.
  • Easy-to-use wizard interface quickly guide you through the process step-by-step.
  • Free technical support.
  • and many more!
> Supported Bootable OS after migration: Windows 7/Vista/Windows XP.
> Supported Disk: IDE, SCSI, SATA, RAID, and SSD.
> Supported File Systems: FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3/ReiserFS, LinuxSwap
> Partition Expansion is not supported for Linux Ext2/Ext3/ReiserFS, LinuxSwap.

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