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Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionsHow do I recover photos from SD cards of my camera?
AnswerYou need our Photo Recovery software to recover lost photos from your SD card. Attach digital camera to your Mac or simply insert your Digital Film into the reader and run Photo Recovery for Mac on the media and then save the photo or Pictures off to another location.

QuestionsCan Applexsoft Photo Recovery scan my hard disk too ?
AnswerNo. this software is only designed to scan digital cameras, memory cards or other storage devices. If you need recover photos from Mac hard drives, please try AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac.

QuestionsDoes Applexsoft Photo Recovery support the Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Pro (Intel based Macs)?
AnswerYes it will. The Applexsoft Photo Recovery application is Universal Binary, meaning it will work on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

QuestionsWhat is the difference between trial & full version of your Software?
AnswerThe trial version allows you to view the recovered files, but the only limit in the trial version is that you can't save file. You must purchase full version to view the recovered file and save them to the desired location.

QuestionsDo I need a card reader?
AnswerSome digital cameras allow memory card access when connected to your Mac via the USB cable supplied with the camera. With other camera models, such as Canon cameras, this is not possible and a card reader is required to use Photo Recovery.

If you don't know for sure, download the Photo Recovery Demo and check to see if your digital camera is recognized.

QuestionsWhat operating system can Photo Recovery support?
AnswerAppleXsoft Photo Recovery supports Mac OS X 10.6 or later. compatible with macOS Big Sur 11.

QuestionsI was able to preview almost all of the pictures, But can't open the files. What's going on?
AnswerMake sure that the software has been activated and they are not still running in demo mode. Once the activation is done, reinsert the card and restart the Photo Recovery and try again.
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