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Windows Recovery Tips

Here you can find some articles about how to rescue deleted, formatted, and corrupted data from Windows, even if you have reinstalled the Windows system.

New Articles

How to recover deleted or lost files from SSD drive ?
This article will teach you how to recover files from SSD drive whether files are deleted, lost by mistake or any other reasons you can think of.
How to recover deleted emails messages ?
Recover deleted or lost email from the selected e-mail database, supported email clients are Windows Live Mail, Mozilla, Outlook Express, Outlook, Becky and Eudora.
How to recover data from formatted hard disk ?
When you format your hard drive, all data will be lost, This article tells you how to recover data from formatted hard drive in FAT and NTFS format.
How to recover lost partition or unrecognized drive ?
In this article, you will learn how to recover lost data due to lost partition or damaged logical drives. It effectively performs missing or lost partition recovery.
How to recover files from RAW partition with RAW partition recovery ?
Although a partition has turned into the RAW format, there is an effective solution that will make RAW partition recovery faster.
How to recover data have been deleted or emptied from recycle bin ?
Need help restoring your recently emptied recycle bin? This article will offer an easy solution to help you recover files emptied from the Windows Recycle Bin.
How to recover lost or deleted files and folders from Windows 11 ?
A brief discription regarding how I used ApplyXsoft Data Recovery Pro to successfuly recovered lost folders from my Windows 11.
How to recover files have been altered file size due to virus ?
Files contaminated with viruses such as Worm.ExploreZIP are displayed in Windows Explorer, but their file sizes are altered (e.g. to zero (0))....
How to choose the right Image Recovery software to restore images ?
Did you delete images in your memory card or PC by accident? Do not worry. I will describe several reasons why you lose images, and how to choose right software and some notes.
How to undelete deleted files from Windows recycle bin ?
Windows recycle bin is a place to save deleted data temporarily, if you happen to delete important files, you can recover them from the Windows recycle bin easily.

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