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How to recover data from formatted hard disk?

My Windows hard disk drive which contained about 160 GB of data was corrupted suddenly and I had to format it. Now all the files in the disk is lost. Can any of these be recovered from the hard drive? Is there any way of recovering them?

You can use AppleXsoft Data Recovery to recover formatted hard disk and get back every lost files from your hard drive. This is a professional data recovery tool for formatted hard disk drives. it can efficiently scan and recover data from formatted hard disk in FAT and NTFS format. You can download the demo version software from our download page.

Important: avoid writing data to the formatted hard disk/drive!

See tutorial: How to recover formatted hard disk?

If you emptied the recycle bin from Windows or formatted the drive with a standard or quick-format, you must perform a cluster search to get again access to your data:

1. Select Object->Open drive and choose the drive you formatted from the 'Logical drive' tab.

2. Select Tools->Find Lost Data to perform a cluster search.
After the cluster search completes, find the files and folders you wish to recover in the folders 'Lost' or 'Other Lost' in the left window panel.

3. Select Object->Save to... to save the lost files on another drive.

Notice: Data Recovery can recover hard disks that have been formatted using quick or standard format. However, if a standard format was applied to a floppy disk, the data area is initialized and the data is irretrievable lost. A quick-formatted floppy disk can, however, be recovered with Data Recovery.

Hard disk has been formatted with another file system

After a hard disk is formatted with a different file system or a partition is deleted and reformatted with a different file system (usually with FDISK), you can recover your data by using the following steps:

1. Select Object -> Open drive and choose your desired drive from 'Logical drive' tab (Do NOT click on OK).
2. Select 'Full scan/ find format', modify the sector range for the search if necessary and click on OK.

3. After completing the search you will get the found file systems in 'Logical drive' tab.

recover formatted hard disk

Choose one among the drives found and find the files you wish to recover.

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