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Recover video from my flip camcorder
Customer's Question

I used my Flip camcorder to take videos on my birthday party. But when I tried to store these photos to computer, I found that all my videos were gone. I did not know what was going on. Now I wonder that can I get my birthday videos back with AppleXsoft Photo Recovery ? If it possible, can you show me how to do it in detailed?


Of course you can retrieve your videos with our software. And our trial version can let you try it before you buy. Now I will show you how to use Photo Recovery for Mac to recover videos from your Flip camcorder on Mac OS X.

Step 1: Attach you camcorder to Mac and then you can run the software if you are getting a drive letter for you camcorder memory card. If your camcorder can not appear as a drive letter in "My Drives", you may need a card reader to allow program to access and recover your camcorder memory card. After running the program, please choose "Video" as the file type and select "All devices" as the manufacturer.

Step 2: Choose your physical device shown in the program. Then click “Next” and check the options you have selected before. Then the software will start to scan your camcorder to find your recoverable videos.

Step 3: When the scan is completed, you will see your recoverable videos shown in the list. You can see preview picture of each video. If you can see you birthday videos among them, you can exit the program and purchase the software. Then do same operations again to save your video in the last step.

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