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Feb 10th, 2012

AppleXsoft releases File Eraser 4.5

Securely erase your data from hard disk or USB drives so that it cannot be recovered.

New York, United States - Feb 10th, 2012 -- AppleXsoft, a well acclaimed name in data recovery software today released its new product of AppleXsoft File Eraser, A professional data wipe utility for Windows that enables easy wipe data from hard drives, USB drives and digital media. This software offers different 14 delete methods that vary from a fast zero-write to an extremely high security NATO level.

Typically, data deleted on the computer is not truly deleted. When you delete a file or folder, it goes in the trash or recycle bin. Emptying recycle bin to get rid of a file or deleting from DOS in fact does not delete them at all. Usually, all that happens is that the file's name is removed from the disk's index, but the data still remains on the disk itself. There are some data recovery software around which can easily recover these data. More advanced techniques to recover lost data also exist. overwriting data once is usually not good enough for these solutions.

Another thing to consider is the file name, location and date/timestamps. Even if you can erase the data itself, the information about the file may still be available in system files somewhere, giving the attacker some information on the deleted files.

So, how to completely erase hard drive data? AppleXsoft File Eraser is a user friendly and powerful data wipe software that allows you to Wipes files from the hard drive and other storage media leaving no possibility of recovery.

Some features of File Eraser are:

  • Wipe Selected Drives, Folders, and Files from the system.
  • Erase entire hard drive permanently.
  • Wipes unused and slack space from the hard drive.
  • Integrated "Right-Click" for Wiping Files.
  • Works with USB drives, SD cards and other portable memory devices.
  • Lets you select the wiping algorithm from a list of 14 different algorithms with varying wiping abilities.
  • Creates a log report of the wipe operations that can be saved and viewed
  • Compatible with Windows 7.

Pricing and Availability

The software works on Windows and is competitively priced at $39.95 USD per license. AppleXsoft File Eraser is available directly purchase from our website . Additionally, the software is also available through affiliate, resellers and distributors worldwide.

About AppleXsoft, Inc.

AppleXsoft, Inc is the World's Leading Data Recovery Company providing recovery tools and solutions for Mac OS X and Windows system. The flagship product AppleXsoft Photo Recovery has become the industry standard in Photo Recovery software. Our products are available worldwide in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Chinese, for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

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