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Please follow the quick and easy steps below to begin the data recovery process
Before getting started your success in recovering files depends a great deal on how the disk is handled and the amount of information written to the disk after the deletion occurred:

Note: Do NOT continue work on a hard drive containing lost data.

  • Never install software to a system containing deleted files you wish to recover.
  • You should not use the system with the deleted files to create documents and folder, surf the Internet, or check mail so on.
  • Do NOT reboot or shut down the system.
  • The more activity the less of a chance of recovery.
  • DO NOT run any other partition repair utility.
  • DO NOT defragment your hard drive or execute SCANDISK in a deleted recovery situation. Doing so will likely remove all remnants of the file you are trying to recover.

AppleXsoft Data Recovery was designed to run from the CD-ROM or from a directory on another partition or network drive. It is not recommended that you install the software on the work system; temporary files may be written to the disk. Simply run the software from the AutoRun menu (right click your CD-ROM symbol) or Click the .EXE file in Windows® explorer. Once the desired files are recovered you can install Data Recovery on the system.

NOTE: For using Data Recovery under Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP your user account must have administrator privilege.

In four steps you recover your deleted files:

Step 1: Run AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional

Run AppleXsoft


Step 2: Choose your drive

Choose drive


Step 3: Select your deleted files/directories

Select deleted files/directories


Step 4: Simply save them to another hard disk!

Save to hard disk

Allows recovering your data from:

  • Deleted, lost or damaged partition.
  • list Windows is damaged and system not bootable
  • list Lost or deleted volumes and files
  • list Accidental or malicious disk initializations
  • list Installations Gone Wrong
  • list Virus Attacks - Deletions
  • list Deletions- local or over network
  • list Local HDD or External drives
  • list Virtually Any Logical Disk Disaster
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Step-by-step Tutorials
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Getting started Data Recovery Professional takes less than 3 minutes.

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