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What NOT to do when confronted with a data recovery situation?
These 5 golden rules apply (until you know exactly what you're dealing with):
  1. DO NOT writing data to that hard disk drive or memory device!
  2. DO NOT run "chkdsk" or "scandisk" or any other partition repair utility
  3. DO NOT use the Windows recovery console commands "fixmbr" or "fixboot"
  4. DO NOT attempt to recreate a deleted partition with "Fdisk" or "Disk Management"
  5. DO NOT change the contents of the disk or partition that needs to be recovered

Can I recover data from damaged windows system?
If you computer has only one hard disk and Windows cannot start, you can recover your data by attaching that disk as slave drive to a seperate system with Data Recovery Pro installed. Data Recovery Pro can only be run with a working system.
If the hard disk is not recognized by the system BIOS, the disk may have physical damages. A data recovery of physical damaged drives cannot be performed by software.

I have accidentally formatted my hard drive, Is there any way to recover my data?
If you formatted the drive with a standard or quick-format, you must perform a cluster search to get again access to your data. please check How to recover data from a formatted hard disk?

Does your Data recovery program recover file from a removable media?
Yes it will. The Applexsoft Data recovery program can recover from USB drive, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, and other types of removable media.

Can I recover my files from RAW partition?
Yes, The Applexsoft Data recovery program can recover RAW partition, see step by step instructions.

What is the difference between trial & full Version of your Data Recovery Software?
The trial version of our Software allows you to view the recovered files but only limit in the trial version is that you cannot save file. You must purchase Full Version of the Data Recovery Software to view the recovered file as well save them to the desired location.

What operating system can Data Recovery Professional support?
AppleXsoft Data Recovery Professional supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista.

Allows recovering your data from:

  • Deleted, lost or damaged partition.
  • Lost or deleted volumes and files
  • Accidental or malicious disk initializations
  • Installations Gone Wrong
  • Virus Attacks - Deletions
  • Deletions- local or over network
  • Local HDD or External drives
  • Windows is damaged and system not bootable
  • Virtually Any Logical Disk Disaster
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